Co-Therapy for Couples

Two Therapists

 I have found great success for some couples by providing an opportunity that utilizes both a female and a male therapist in each session. This can be a more efficient use of time and money for some couples and gives you the opportunity to accelerate changes in your relationship by focusing on solutions rather than problems.

The Balanced Approach

Therapist Lisa Penny, MFT (#79290) and I have been colleagues for over ten years and even though our training is similar, our approaches can be very different. This dynamic offers couples an opportunity to experience more healthy and practical ways to engage when confronted with communication challenges.

Fast Results

Co-Therapy has the potential to expedite results with the input of two therapists working together to meet your goals.  Using the Solution Focused Couples Therapy approach, we are able to support your development of new skills, by actively modeling the ability to effectively resolve issues as they arise in the session.  We provide Couples Therapy in Malibu and Marina Del Rey.