How I Work

My goal is to get you out of my office and living the life you desire because true change happens in day to day life, not in the bubble of a therapist's office. You are the expert on you and my role is to support you to challenge your awareness and pursue the change you desire.  

In our sessions, you and your partner can expect to work on:

  • Tangible, alternative ways of dealing with conflict for when we’re not all in the same room 
  • Re-directing arguments before they start 
  • Accepting each other for who you are, not how things would be better if s/he would just change 
  • Defining what your relationship means to both of you and understanding whether you are willing to make changes 
  • Learning how to benefit from (what might not seem like) opportunities presented to you in your relationship 

My Background

My post-modern focus on narrative, mindfulness, and solution-focused/brief therapies informs my daily awareness and defines my practice and approach to couples therapy.  I have worked professionally with clients regarding relationship issues, anger management and stress regulation.  I also volunteer on the Board of Directors at the Wellness Center of the Boys & Girls Club Malibu, as well as at Our Lady of Malibu, providing counseling for students in need of extra support. 


I spend much of my awareness focused on the behavior of anger.  For many years, I ran weekly group sessions for at-risk adolescents in the juvenile justice system, and in 2011, I became a certified Batterers Intervention Counselor, giving me the opportunity to expand my practicum and run court ordered Domestic Violence Intervention programs for adults in the LA County Probation Department.  

These latter experiences provided me with the skills to help re-define the concept and behavior of anger, which I find very useful in working with couples.  I believe anger presents the greatest obstacle to experiencing the connection we all desire in our relationship with our partners.